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"This woman is fueled through passion. I had the pleasure of working with Angelica as one of her Ayurvedic patients and my experience was nothing short of amazing. At the time I was very new to Ayurveda, yet Angelica was able to present and gracefully weave these ancient teachings into my life in the most empowering way possible. Step-by-step I began to feel my own light and I actually walked away with a new way of life thanks to this woman! Thank you for your guidance. "


Clare Michalik


Mexico City, Mexico


"Angelica and I began working together when I was in an incredibly stressful & transitional time in my life. I truly needed support in remembering the most important things for my wellbeing and honing in on what to do specifically for me to begin addressing ongoing imbalances. 


As a fellow practitioner, I find that I often overlook the potency of surrendering to another person holding space for me. But in my time of working with Angelica, I felt SO supported, understood, and kindly held accountable for my actions. She helped me restructure certain thought patterns that were enabling me to continue some unharmonious rhythms I had picked up and guided me in unearthing a deep resiliency from within, to commit to the changes I needed to make to honor my highest self.


Angelica is a practitioner that truly embodies strength & security within the container she holds for you to dive DEEP within yourself. There is a palpable sensation felt in her ability to awaken one's inner fire with genuine care and love through the science of Ayurveda, and it is a blessing & a gift to receive. I highly recommend to anyone who feels called to cultivate a more profound connection to one's own capacity to self-heal, to allow Angelica to be a guide in your journey of health and wellness back home to your body. "

Monica Casanova,

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Grass Valley, California


"I always thought I was relatively healthy and overall pretty knowledgeable about diet and lifestyle. However, I was still having issues with insomnia and heartburn, and Angelica's consultations changed how I view health and live today! She taught me that no lifestyle or diet is one size fits all, and everyone's path to optimal health is unique. Now, I use the practices she provided to sleep better and avoid heartburn discomfort. Angelica is not only an incredible human being, but fantastic at taking ancient wisdom and reworking it to fit into today's lifestyle. Could not be more thankful that I was able to receive her help."

Rachel Jeffries,

Holistic Nutritionist

Chicago, Illinois


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