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Like most of the world, I watched the ‘Homecoming’ documentary (Beyonce’s Coachella performance, for those not down with pop culture) and was instantly inspired. The actual performance or I should say experience was a masterpiece. But what inspired me the most was how long she had to endure the mud and discomfort to experience complete transformation.

In the spirit of Spring or Kapha season, it is evident that change is happening in many facets. Habits, relationships, careers, residences, etc. are all coming to fruition just as fast as flowers are budding. I too have been shedding off an old layer of skin in preparation for a new change. The act of shedding an old skin or ‘enduring the mud’ has been a balance between being pelted with hail and stung by wind in April and blasting disco music with my sunroof off. I have been rewiring my mind to not ride these highs and lows but live subliminally in the middle. If I experience a low, how would my best self react? If I experience a high, how can I detach to avoid suffering when life isn’t always a high?

A meditation that has helped me live life in the middle has been Sodarshan Kriya which is from the yoga practice, Kundalini. I have been cultivating a consistent Kundalini practice this month as a mode of getting uncomfortable and invoking change. What are you doing to get out of your comfort zone? Where are you experiencing change?

Want inspiration to have change in your life? DM me to have a holistic consultation and learn tools like meditation to bring balance in your life! Want the low down on Kundalini and Sordarshan Kriya meditation? Read my blog, link in my bio.

Kundalini is an energetic type of yoga that combines mantra, pranayama, asana, and meditation. The science of the practice aims to release blockages in our energetic body which have a direct correlation to our physiological functions and emotions. The spiritual side of the practice awakens our conscious energy so that we live in a higher frequency. It took me some time to make my way to my first kundalini practice. I was warned that a discredited instructor can guide you to a place of psychosis. I was also warned that the kriyas (combination of breath and movement) are obscure and outlandish. Enticing right?

After many universal signs and a strong inner voice, I pulled myself to my first class. I felt myself experience so many highs and lows in such quick outbursts. "When is this going to be over?! Wow, I feel so light and weightless! Are you kidding me, we are still doing this? I feel enlightened!” All of these reactions reeled me in to explore the practice more.

Fast forward a year and a half, and I am on my 40th day of starting every morning with a 40 min kundalini practice. I love it for so many reasons. I love it for the discipline of waking up every morning. I love it for the discipline of repeating the same breath work and movement, which cleanses my old thinking patterns. I love it for clearing out all the negative energy I have picked up in my day. I love it for how weightless I feel after. The benefits extended beyond my  experiences, but if you ever had an inkling to try it, I encourage you do so. It  may not be your kind of yoga, but it just might be everything you need. Yes, you will do stranger things than your typical yoga class (just ask my sister who walked in on my during one of my sessions :)), but discomfort is the only way transformation happens. Sat Nam. 

Light and nourishment,

Angelica Rose


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