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Are you an empath, healer or serve others regularly? When we serve others, we could be taking in others’ energies and clouding or weakening our energetic field. If you are sensitive to feeling different energies, then you feel this heavily.

What does this look like? Let’s say you are in the same room as someone who is depressed. After some time, you notice you too are feeling depressed. Rather than acknowledging that if may not be your own energy, your brain sends a signal to your memory of the last time you were depressed. You begin to create a story of why you are feeling depressed and you may just believe it. Over time, this doesn’t just happen with one occurrence. The more people you interact with, the more lower vibrational emotions you take on. Soon enough you may feel like you are carrying a 'Santa' bag full of negative emotions. You may feel depleted and not like yourself. This is what I call living from an “empty cup”.

I know this pattern well, but I am still learning how to separate my emotions from others and notice when I am taking on other people’s baggage, literally. Cleansing my aura after a full day of interacting with others and putting my energy into situations has been helping me immensely. I am able to clear any energies I may have  picked up that aren’t mine. Some of my favorite cleansing techniques come from working with the fundamental elements of Ayurveda. What are yours?

🔥Palo Santo Aura Cleanse

🌳Touching Trees

💦Washing My Feet

💨Morning Kundalini Practice


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