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What’s a dosha? Dosha translates to an imbalance. Every person can classify themselves as one dosha (in certain cases dual dosha) that describes their physical structure, physiological functions, emotional tendencies, personality, pulse, tongue map and more! There are three doshas that are derived from the five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Two elements combined equate to one dosha. . Dosha #1: Kapha = Earth 🌳 + Water 💧 🌳Balanced: Grounded, Supportive, Loving, Nurturing 🌳Imbalanced: Sluggish Digestion, Lethargic, Respiratory/Mucous Issues, Stubborn, Weight Gain . Dosha #2: Pitta = Fire 🔥 + Water 💧 🔥Balanced: Motivated, Honest, Goal Oriented, Leader 🔥Imbalanced: Easily Irritated, Diarrhea, Acne, Inflammation, . Dosha #3: Vata = Air 💨 + Ether 🌫 💨Balanced: Creative, Excited, Dreamer, Deep Thinker 💨Imbalanced: Anxiety, Constipation, Gas, Dryness, Weight Loss/Variability, Variable Appetite

When we are balanced, physically we all have strong digestion’s, sound sleeps and full energy! However, each dosha feels balanced in a different way emotionally. . These are just a few aspects of the doshas and our imbalances/dosha identities can change based on age, climate, season, etc. Which dosha best describes you today?? . How do we bring our doshas into balance? Treat yoself to an @randrwellnessretreats on Sunday, May 5th!! Follow us to learn more. And if you already know about your dosha and want to dive DEEP. Sign up for a consultation with me!

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