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Satya means truthfulness in Sanskrit. When you live life with absolute truth, you are connected to the deepest part of you. You are confident in who you are and your vibration attracts others to follow suit.

When I look back on my life two years ago, I wasn't living my truth. I had a really in depth conversation with a dear friend of mine. At that time, I was still in my “party, out of college” phase, but he asked me a very real and hard question. Do you ever feel dishonest partying the way you do and also pursuing a career in holistic health? It was a question I always had deep inside but somehow justified and never let it come up to the surface. Of course I had thought about it, but l don’t judge myself for my decisions and am meeting myself where I am at. If I were to give up partying tomorrow, I would just be trying to be someone else. I’m not there yet. I justified this response, because I knew I wouldn’t be doing this forever. About two months later, it hit me, hard. Why am I waking up feeling guilty? Why am I not feeling like my best Self? Why am I waiting for this “phase” to be over? I realized that if I were to live truthfully and act as my best Self, I had to stop going out all the time. I wrote down what about going out I actually liked. And I realized that I actually didn’t like going out at all. I realized that waking up with no energy or motivation to be productive was draining. It was sucking out my creative energy to could be used towards my true dreams. If I knew some day I would stop doing this, why wouldn’t I start now? 

It was hard to question my actions and separate the difference between what I truly wanted to do and what was following a crowd or just addictive habits. Fast forward to two years, and I’m living more of my truth. I’m living the vision I had of myself that I originally anticipated not happening for another 10 years. My “urge to go out and party” was actually a spark of creative energy that I was channeling towards destruction. I now channel this energy to spend on passion projects that I hope to make as my career someday. 

My story is not meant to preach or judge that partying is wrong and everyone should stop. I don’t believe that at all and support all choices. But I do believe in asking hard questions such as, “Are you living your life truthfully?” Vision your best Self. How far away are you and why? 

You don’t have to do this work alone. I know from experience it’s not the easiest ride. We are all here to connect on a deeper level and raise each other’s vibration. Sign up for an Ayurvedic Consultation and get to know your truth. 😊✌🏼


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