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What is a chakra? It is an energy vortex🌀 or nerve plexus that describes the connection between our physical, psychological and spiritual bodies. Traditionally, we have seven major chakras aligned along our spine. When we are out of balance. physically we can have….

-Reproductive Issues (Amenorrhea, Menopause symptoms, etc.)

-Lower Back Pain

-Urinary Issues 

Organs that physically govern our second chakra… -Reproductive Organs -Spleen -Urinary System

When we are out of balance in the second chakra, emotionally we can feel…



-Lack of Desire

-Anger or Resentment

Mentally/Emotionally it governs… -All Emotions! -Desire -Sensations -Pleasure -Need

Personally, this is a chakra that I continually struggle to find a balance with. Two years ago, I went to an internist for who told me I most likely have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). There is not a Western test to truly verify if you have IBS or not. It is mostly diagnosed through awareness of the symptoms. It was here that I started my journey discovering about the physical imbalances of IBS. I followed a strict low FOD map diet and that provided a lot of relief. However, I realized that going out to eat became nearly impossible without feeling awful for a week after. Also, I was constantly embarrassed to give my food restrictions (mainly garlic and onions) and to receive absolute bewildered faces from the servers. 

In addition to IBS, I had not received my period in over three years. Western doctors did not consider that these two could be related to each other. I knew it had to be. It was in the same region of my body! After exhausting all of my physical healing options for Amenorrhea and IBS, it finally clicked. How could I forget about my emotional and spiritual body? My chakras. 

I did deep journaling to uncover the source of suppressed feelings of anger and resentment. Where in my life have I felt these emotions before but maybe not expressed them fully? Where in my life was I lacking joy? When was I embarrassed to express my sexual desires? When did I suppress any desire for that matter?

I can’t say I have the answer to all of these questions just yet. But it opened up a lot of self-discovery.

Summer of 2018, I completed my Reiki Level II training. I had a spiritual experience during that training and felt an energy break in my lower abdomen. Assuming it was in my head, I floated on a cloud and left the last day of training. The next day, I woke up and had my period. 

I cried tears of joy. I had released a heavy block that had been weighing on me for a while. 

Fast forward to today, I have had six consistent cycles since. However, these past two months I did not have my period again. My immediate reaction was anger and resentment for not finally “solving the problem”. But I have learned so much more than to resort to these lower vibrational emotions. I acknowledge what a big feat I have already accomplished (six cycles after an absence of 3 years!). I acknowledge  that I have more lessons to learn about myself, and, therefore, more words of wisdom to share with everyone.

I am currently healing my body with the below nourishing self care routines…

-Cultivating more joy and creativity in my life!

-Wearing orange -Eating foods with orange vibrancy (sweet potatoes, carrots, turmeric spice, etc.) -Invoking the water element in my daily routines

Want to know what this actual looks like in your daily life? We can explore your past medical history and get down to the root cause of your imbalances by creating the most optimal environment for your body to heal with aromatherapy, nutrition, massage, yoga, daily routines and sound therapy. Sign up for a consultation or e-mail me to learn more. This is the start to your healing journey. Jai!

Angelica Rose


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